Thursday, May 10, 2012


If students are the ones responsible for smoke bombs in the Metro this morning, patience is running low. I am sure the officialdom will come down and condemn this kind of action and for me, actually, it wasn't a bad morning. I walked down Mont-Royal, bumped into a friend of mine on her way to work, had a coffee and croissant and walked through the park to catch the bus down the hill. Every morning should be so relaxing.

Jeanne-Mance Park on a cloudy spring morning

Unfortunately, on the bus, people were griping and moaning, saying things about how if it does turn out to be student-related, they have lost support of working people. I am sure that's an overstatement but interrupting the entire city's morning sure seems a stupid way to get people on your side. And most Montrealers are on their side. For now.

At any rate, by the time I made it down the hill, the Green line was back up and running so I resisted the urge to hit the bookstores downtown and made it into work. I was the second one starts my Thursday.

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