Friday, April 8, 2011

Mordecai Richler and Montreal: three key events to watch out for

Charles Foran, winner of the Charles Taylor prize for his biography, Mordecai, will be part of three important events this year at and during Blue Met:

Charles Foran
First, he will be part of the Open Your Library-Canada Edition, hosted by CBC's Sue Smith (and also including Alexander MacLeod, Kathleen Winter, and Kate Pullinger). It's a discussion about our Canadian writers and their libraries: their favorite books, their most treasured books, their oldest books. What is Charles Foran's favorite Richler book? What books did Kathleen Winter read as research for her novel Annabel? What is Alex MacLeod's favorite book about hockey? Any book lovers out there? This is your event! Friday, April 29th, 2011 at 8pm.

On Saturday, April 30th at 12noon, Charlie will be onstage with Brian Busby, author of another important biography of a Montreal writer, John Glassco (John Glassco: A Gentleman of Pleasure, Poet, Memoirist, Translator, Pornographer) in Varied Trajectories: Richler & Glassco. This promises to be an interesting discussion about the lives and legacies of these two very important Montreal writers and the very different public receptions they had to their works as well as the reputations they could never seem to overcome. This event is hosted by CBC's Jeanette Kelly.

Tickets to both of the above events can be purchased online.

Another really interesting event that we have planned (in partnership with the Mordecai Richler Writer in Residence Program at McGill University) will be held on Sunday, May 1st at 11am, lasting about 2 hours:  Mordecai's Montreal: From Parc Avenue to the Main. This is an outdoor walking tour with geographical and anecodtal information about one of Canada's most beloved writers, hosted by none other than Mr. Charles Foran himself. And what an opportunity: touring Mile End and the Plateau in search of remnants of Richler's life with the author of the most comprehensive and thorough biography of Mordecai Richler. Charlie is obviously a Richler expert but his entertaining style and wit will keep you engaged and fascinated every step of the way.

Learn about Montreal and Richler while enjoying the gorgeous Montreal spring (Though if it's raining, bring an umbrella!). 

This event is not listed in our programme this year, but you can pay for it on our site here (via Pay Pal). This one will sell out fast (very limited space) and participants will meet in Mile End Sunday morning just before 11 at Wilensky's, 34 Fairmount. $15/person: a steal! This one is NOT to be missed...

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