Friday, October 28, 2011

Mark Rothko and Triple Canopy

I came across Triple Canopy recently, a really interesting website on the arts (visual arts, music, literature). There is a lot to see and read and listen to here but a piece which I found fascinating traces the history of the trial that ensued after the death of American painter Mark Rothko. There is a personal connection though only indirectly but the piece raises very interesting questions about what it means to be a "master." It's also slightly revisionist and though I only knew vaguely about the case prior, it's fairly convincing.

Another aspect to this is the innovative way that Triple Canopy formats a long written text for online readers: just a large + sign to expand to the next paragraph which means one isn't faced with 57 paragraphs all at once, something that most likely appeals to modern readers of online magazines. The entire layout and navigation of the site is quite impressive.

And the content! Music podcasts, interviews, one-person reportage, short stories, essays, photos. A real treasure trove of the modern arts.
Master work by an American genius or soppy sappy pretty bunk?

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