Monday, September 24, 2012

Montreal by Words, Episode Two

Rebroadcast of our interview with Montreal writer, Daniel Allen Cox, on the publication of his novel, Basement of Wolves.

Daniel Allen Cox
Some reviews of Cox's excellent novel are here:

Vancouver Weekly

Publishers Weekly

Quill & Quire

And this excerpt from The Nervous Breakdown:

Each of Cox's novels have bristled against the ruthlessness of time: his comic debut, Shuck, proceeds as a "found diary" from a year in the life of a gay model, perpetually on the hustle and constantly aware of the catty-quick-diva-snap where the next big thing becomes been-there, done-that. Cox's follow-up, Krakow Melt, super-imposes incendiary moments from world history while staying grounded in the seriously odd and oddly affecting affair between a queer male artist and a straight female poet, Radecki and Dorotka, the pair stuck in the diminutive by a repressive, old world Poland. As part of their immediate hooks, each of these novels provides their own theme music: Shuck cranking Duran Duran's awesomely over-the-top "Ordinary World" from a beat-up Walkman and Krakow Melt geeking out to an obscure, fetishized vinyl copy of The Floyd's Atom Heart Mother.

The novel is a fascinating read and explores issues of fame, celebrity and success. I know it's not supposed to matter, but the blurb on the outside is written by Sarah Schulman, one of my favorite writers (an aside: she should be a superstar).

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