Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Books discovered in our library that I wish I had time to read!

Tomas Eloy Martinez: The Tango Singer. I love his novels and have never read this one...

Catherine Mavrikakis: Fleurs de crachat and A Cannibal and Melancholy Morning. A Francophone writer that is quite well-known in Montreal though I'm not familiar with her work at all.

Edward O. Phillips: A Voyage on Sunday. A detective novel set in Montreal.

Madeleine Thien: Certainty. I loved her second novel, Dogs at the Perimeter.

One of the tricks of my job is prioritize reading. I could read 40 books a week and still just scratch the surface so it's easy to imagine how far behind I feel. And that would only be books for work--I do have my own personal list, too.

Still. Of all the problems to have in a job, that's not a bad one!

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