Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blue Met 2014!

Thanks, everyone, for making Blue Met 2014 such a success! We sold out many events this year, had increased attendance overall but particularly in our venue hotel events. Some highlights included Heather O'Neill and Shelagh Rogers, Ondjaki and Paul Kennedy, Richard Ford at the BAnQ, Bedtime Stories, Slate Culture Gabfest, David Foenkinos at Gallimard and our Tribute Alice Munro.

Now we have to do it again...looking towards 2015!

We were in the office yesterday and will be shortly today, as well, but then we're out the rest of the week so please be patient if it takes a week or so to get back to you.

Also note that I am away all of next week and most of the following week. So if you have ideas, suggestions, comments, complaints, let's discuss in June.