Monday, October 24, 2011

Quebec Writers Federation Literary Awards on CBC

An interview with the uber-smart Katia Grubisic, coordinator of Atwater Poetry Project, and me with CBC's Jeanette Kelly on Cinq a six.  I can't seem to link the podcast here directly but if you go to this website and click on the QWF Literary Awards segment, you can hear us.

We discuss the various nominees for the QWF Literary Awards, including Gabe Foreman, Madeleine Thien, Merrily Weisbord, David Homel, Asa Boxer and many others...

Oh one question she didn't ask which occurred to me later: books that should have been on the list but weren't: Brian Busby's biography of John Glassco, A Gentleman of Pleasure. Though now that I think about it, it probably is off the list because Busby isn't a Quebecker!

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