Friday, October 30, 2015

Keret translated into Farsi, Plath reads her own poems, Gloria Steinem in Montreal, Heather O'Neill and Montreal writers: Book Digest, October 30, 2015

Translation in Farsi coming soon

  • Israeli writer Etgar Keret's latest book will be translated into Farsi, a move, he hopes, will allow Afghanis (and unofficially Iranians who have no access to works translated from Hebrew) to connect with the humanity (and humour!) in his writing. Keret was last at our Festival in 2014 when he filled two auditoriums to maximum capacity and charmed everyone present with his humour and wit. 
  • Sylvia Plath reads Fifty of her own poems. I remember having a recording of one of her poems when I was younger and listening to it (on cassette tape) so many times that I memorized it. (It was her poem "Daddy.") She had such a distinct reading style, so grave and with a clipped Northeastern accent that no longer really exists.
  • Gloria Steinem in Montreal. The writer and activist releases a new book about her life of traveling and appears in Montreal, Tuesday, December 1 at the Rialto Theatre. Tickets at $10 or free if you buy her latest book in the shop on 211 Bernard.
  • Montreal writer Heather O'Neill writes for The Guardian about some great books set in Montreal for and by Montreal writers. I am so glad, too, that she presents both Francophone and Anglophone books, part of our city's heritage and what makes us one of the most unique places in North America.
Montreal: city of staircases

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