Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wanna try your hand at writing a Children's Book?

Think about enrolling in Anne Fine's children's literature workshop at Blue Met 2011.

Anne Fine
Fine, author of Madame Doubtfire (upon which the film "Mrs. Doubtfire" was based) will be in Montreal to talk about children's writing generally and conduct this workshop as part of Blue Met's popular Master Classes series.

In this Master Class Anne Fine will discuss how writers for children can pitch their work to the best effect, and what account must be taken of the concerns of the various gatekeepers (publishers, parents, teachers, librarians) who stand between children's authors and their potential readers. Writing practices will be done and critiqued and you will learn what it takes to polish and finalize a piece of writing for children to make it appealing to publishers specializing in this market.

If you've written a book for kids, if you're thinking about it, or even if you're just interested in writing for kids generally, this is the workshop for you.

The class is a two part series, starting on Saturday, April 30th from 10am until 12.30. You will then have the chance to have lunch with Anne Fine after the workshop in a downtown restaurant where you can ask about her career, her own writing habits, and what it took for her to become an internationally bestselling kids author. The workshop then continues with part II on Sunday, May 1st from 10am until 12.30.

Tickets for the two-day, 5 hour workshop are $60 and you can get information in order to register for the course at Blue Met's website.

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