Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gianrico Carofiglio: Italian crime-writing at its best

One aspect of running a literary Festival's programming is the opportunity to bring well-known writer to our public. But equally exciting is the chance to introduce authors that our public may not know about but should. Gianrico Carofiglio, though quite well-known in Italy, particularly Italian crime-writing circles, is one such writer.

Gianrico Carofiglio
On Friday, April 26, Marianna Simeone will interview Carofiglio on stage at Hotel 10. Carofiglio is an interesting figure: a former anti-Mafia judge, he left his judicial career and became something of a sensation: a crime writer with years of experience in Italy's notoriously bureaucratic legal system. His best-selling series featuring Prosecutor Guido Guerrieri have both a crime writing twist and legal thriller angle as well.

Bitter Lemon Press, based in the UK, specialist in international crime writing, his his main publisher in English and anyone who's interested in international writing generally or crime writing in particular should check out their website. A great tour of the world for any fans of the genre. Their crime fiction map allows you to choose the area or region you want to focus on, and they recommend books from authors in that area (personally I am fascinated with the notion of Polish crime writing though I have yet to read any).

The event is hosted by one of our favourite people, the gorgeous and always charming Marianna Simeone and is in English. Fans of crime writing, legal thrillers or even those just longing for Italian sunsets or Mediterranean cuisine: all will have a great time hearing about an established writer in a booming genre. Make an evening of it: the event starts at 5:30 on Friday, April 26 at Hotel 10. Then walk up afterwards to Amelio's (on Milton and Ste-Famille, just a few blocks from the hotel) and have a pizza to discuss...

Tickets are $10 and available here.

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