Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deadlines Looming for our Blue Metropolis 2013

Things are moving along: our Grand Prize Winner has been chosen and has accepted. Our Arab Prize Winner ditto. We have writers from more than 10 countries confirmed plus many Canadian and Quebecois writers as well.

Now comes the final push: several more authors to invite, start putting the schedule together, start writing event descriptions, coordinate details with the hotel and other local partners.

For me, the big looming deadline is the Christmas break because we basically need to have most of the important details settled before then so that as soon as we are back, we can start creating the printed (and online) programme which, believe it or not, takes several weeks to put together.

Nothing is public yet and we will announce our lineup at our press conference which will be in late March. Lots to do in the meantime...

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