Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Almemar: a Jewish Arts Digest

Today we launch Almemar*, an online journal that will explore the Jewish arts in Montreal.

"Womanned" by literary woman-about-town, Ingrid Bejerman, Almemar's Editor-in-Chief, the online magazine promises to shine a light on the arts of the vibrant Jewish community of Montreal: from writers and editors to musicians, dancers, and visual artists, we are excited to offer this new community-based focus page to bring together those interested in the Jewish arts.

This month we kick off our inaugural issue with a letter from Ingrid, our Editor-in-Chief, but Ernest Hoffman also checks in with a fascinating interview with Yael Perez on Photography, Burlesque and Loving Yourself (oh, yes, that kind of loving yourself!).

Check it out, like us on Facebook, join the Twitter feed (@AlmemarArts) and send us story ideas to this email.

*Almemar is an ancient Hebrew word which means "pulpit"

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